Walnut Creek on Ice is an annual gratis ice skating event held mainly for children. We decided to check it out after Julie mentioned that it was free and anyone could participate. After actually arriving, and seeing many kids and families, we decided to just watch a bit and check out the Walnut Creek library.

The library was actually very nice. I guess it’s to be expected since it is in walnut creek. The location of books were in their designated places, the facilities were clean, it made me really want to just sit there and read. Anyway, we concluded the day by walking around downtown Walnut Creek.

It was very strange, a homeless women came up to us when we were walking downtown and told us that we should go back to Chinatown. It weird and unexpected. I replied, “There is no Chinatown in Walnut Creek”.

Oh the picture of the leaves are from a test bokeh shot I decided to do. It looks like it would make a good wallpaper.