$500 Million Dollars~!

If I won… I would give the people who played a big part in my life money and I would invest the rest… after having fun with a portion of it. I would then take the interest and just give random people a bunch of money to see their reactions. I would love to be a philanthropist and help people in need.

I would also travel the world, try to understand my existence, help others, and just enjoy my life without having to worry about money. I might go back to school and study until I’m satisfied. I will also probably purchase some extravagant things like a yacht or an underground house, but nothing too expensive. I would keep the majority of it invested.

The fact of the matter is even if you won, it doesn’t change the main rule of life, you live and you die. The only factor that’s improved is the ability to influence others. After all money isn’t really worth anything, but since people believe it’s worth something they will do what ever you want for it. It really has the power of influencing people to give you things that you want and having the ability to be more important than others (in the sense that if someone else wants something you would have the priority).

This is the largest lottery prize in the history of the United States (as of 3/28/12).