Today, I went to Shorebird Park in Berkeley with Annie. It’s actually a pretty interesting place that’s secluded from the busy streets of Berkeley. This is partially due the gray authoritarian bridge that steps over the busy freeway and a long isthmus that divides the mainland from this little peninsula.

The first destination that we adventured to was the pier that was located at the tip of the peninsula. The cool windy weather near the pier was a welcome exception to the heat wave that we have been experiencing lately in the Bay Area.
As we walked toward the pier we saw a small ground squirrel that didn’t seem to be afraid of humans. It especially had an interest in the left over spicy chicken sandwich that we had left over from Burger King. We gave a piece of the sandwich to the squirrel and it literally fell in love with the burger. It seemed to enjoy the burger so much it fell backward every time it consumed a piece.
The pier was pretty busy. There were various people fishing, walking, and taking pictures. I was expecting it to be a little bit more deserted being a Monday and all. Located near the railings of pier are some small concrete stalls . They provide solace from the strong winds as well as a canvas for some local artists.

After we left the pier, we decided to walk toward the main attraction of the peninsula, Shorebird Park. Shorebird park is a small park that has a play structure, a small beach, an information center, barbecue pits, and a strange kids attraction called Adventure Playground.

At the park, we saw a dog named Tiger, who was as as stiff as a statue, as he pointed his head toward something in the grass. He was as poised as one of those dogs you see in cartoons. He eventually pounced on something that turned out to be some sort of rodent.
I had a great time exploring this little peninsula, seemingly secluded from the busy bay area bustle that it’s so close to. 

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