Here I am in Toyohashi, Japan! What was I looking forward to the most? (Besides meeting my coworkers) Yes, I was looking forward to my apartment and here it is!

I’m living in an apartment complex called Higashi Mansion II. It’s located about 5 minutes away from where I work, so it’s very convenient. It’s also pretty close to the main train station, which allows me to travel basically anywhere fairly easily. I live on the 5th floor of the apartment complex. It’s the top floor and is quite a climb if you take the stairs, but luckily there’s an elevator.

I pay around $420 a month for my 1 bedroom apartment which is actually awesome! It’s what everyone here calls a 1LDK. Which means it has one bedroom, a living room, dinning area, and kitchen. I don’t really call the ledge of the kitchen counter a real dinning area, but I can’t complain. I also have a bonus loft area, which is awesome. It’s probably because I’m on the top floor which allows for higher ceilings.

I really like this apartment. If only I could get something this nice in the Bay Area for $420 a month. This apartment is going to be my home for the next year.

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